Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Yeah I know it's been awhile

Suddenly I am bored out of my mind, sitting in the jazz department computer lab waiting for the DVD of my senior recital to burn, which takes about an hour. The mac is like "arghhh i'm trying so hard!!!!".

Much too much in the past few months.

I am finishing up my last year of school, assuming I don't fail any of my classes this quarter, because I have developed a bad habit of skipping to catch up on other work. Gigging a couple nights a week, usually with latin band Son Del Caribe or other various dance bands in the area. Almost no work with Dayton Jazz Orchestra as no one wants to take over since Scott Belck left. Just as well, they were bad about paying, anyway.

Writing a shitload of music for pop singer Legend Vega (visit www.legendvega.com), along with rehearsals once a week. We'll see what happens there, I hope it takes off.

Parents forcing me at gunpoint to apply for grad school. Funny how they still wield that kind of control when I'm supporting myself... something tells me that if I don't even want to bother with the paperwork, that's not a place I want to be right now. Oh well, maybe I'll be glad I did it later.

Other writing projects include a couple tunes from my recital, a big band chart to be recorded Monday, November 27th, a short piece for orchestra to be recorded the first week of December, rewriting a cadenza of a trombone concerto to be performed December 8th, three short pieces for trombone and other instruments......

I really need to get a real website set up. One of my goals for 2008.

Rick VanMatre and I had a really depressing conversation last week. Well not necessarily depressing, but it left me more lost than ever on what I'm going to do after graduating. He found a very wordy and flowery way of saying "grad school isn't a good idea for you right now, you need to spend some time and decide where you really want to live and what you really want to do, and run with it full force. But make a DECISION."

Everyone has different advice.

Getting hooted and hollered (hollered?) at or bandleaders commenting on the 'very attractive trombone section' becomes a regular thing on gigs. One of the joys being a girl in a nontraditional field.

Funny since I've definitely put on ten lbs.

The product of being out and about all day, eating fast food, eating at 3 am when I get home from gigs, eating the choclatiest, greasiest thing I can find. Sitting in the JAZZ DEPARTMENT COMPUTER LAB WAITING FOR A STUPID DVD TO BURN WHICH HAS TAKEN AT LEAST AN HOUR.

Since she is a regular reader of my blog when I actually update, kudos to Mike and Nancy on the great wedding. And congratulations. And thanks for the very cute card.

As a sidenote, I hate mac keyboards, this blog entry has taken twice as long as it normally would to type. Actually I generally hate macs.