Thursday, February 22, 2007

No longer a dumb blonde.

So this year I have been taking a really hard class on live sound reinforcement and digital editing. I am a trombonist, so I knew absolutely ZERO about this subject, and the course is even supposed to just be a review, nicknamed "sound self-defense for 'fucking idiot' jazz musicians." to learn very basic things like what a mixing console is, and how to turn it on, and how to tell a sound guy you have feedback in your monitor in such a way that he doesn't just look at you funny and walk off to the beer tent during your show.

But I've enjoyed the class a lot. I also am a computer idiot, which puts me at a further disadvantage in the course, and I do have to spend a lot of time being like "wait wait wait.... how does that plug into the computer again?" But I have certainly held my own in the class, and learned a lot, and I do enjoy it once things click. I also sort of enjoy hanging out when Bill (the teacher) is doing work and just shadowing him.

So further study on the subject has often been crossing my mind. We also touch a little bit on midi and electronic music, and I wonder if I would enjoy crossing over into this field post-graduation. If anything, at least now I could hunt down some reasonably priced hardware and software, an external hard drive, and be able to do recordings of myself and others of reasonably good quality. Or operate a board at a club in a pinch.

Next week I will be doing a live multitrack recording of Legend Vega into DP, as well as running the sound system, ALL while playing keyboard onstage. Overdubbing background vocals later the following weekend. Wish me luck. I am a dumb blonde no longer.


Blogger nancy said...

this might be something to email Michael about. He has a crazy set up and samples galore, and would probably love to talk about it.

2:39 PM  

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