Saturday, July 08, 2006

what's new....

I know I haven't blogged in a long long long long time. My internet has been out as Dmitri took the wireless router back to NY with him, so I have nothing to plug into or log on to in my apartment. I've resorted to coming to school to do my computer work, but I don't have time on days when I work.


Still not enough gigs to support myself, so I work 3-4 days at the cincinnati zoo. Before you say anything, no it's not that cool. I drive the train or operate the carousel, or monitor the lorikeet exhibit or the kangaroo exhibit. FYI: Kangaroos are pretty boring, and birds are straight up stupid and dirty. The real animals are the kids and their idiot parents.

But if you ever wanna go to the zoo for free, let me know. I'll hook y'all up.

Son del gigs are still going on, but we haven't had any for a month or so because Sonia is in Mexico, Jaime is in Venezuela, and Paco is in Africa.

I've started playing with this Latin pop group, I swear someone could make a movie out of it. The entire thing is a farce. But they get some decent gigs and pay more than jazz gigs, that's for sure. Jaime hasn't been really specific over whether I'm just a sub while he's out of town, or if I'm replacing him. Something was mentioned about me replacing, but I can't understand anything he says over the phone, so I don't really know what's going on.

All leads for new jazz gigs at restaurants have fallen through. Figures. Hence I have had one jazz gig this summer. I had a lot of salsa gigs in june though. I might have another jazz gig in august. This is sad.

Ok I'm at an outdoor table on campus, and there's a weird guy bugging me, so I'm gonna bounce.