Monday, February 12, 2007

The Roots

After everything I still feel very uprooted. In the past two months I have been through a breakup, went to a place where people speak a different language, started dating again, was called back for and auditioned at a grad school, registered for more classes than I can handle. Renewed contact with an old old friend with whom I may live with someday. It's too much. It leaves me unable to focus. I still haven't caught up with myself.

I'm going to Chicago for fun this coming weekend.

I had an orchestration assignment where I had to listen to Schoenberg op. 10 and do my best abstract art with pencil and paper. So despite my previous rant, it was a significant experience. My aesthetic is uprooted, as well.

I hope school is cancelled tomorrow for the snow storm.


Blogger nancy said...

sounds like my kind of assignment.

5:14 PM  

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