Monday, July 11, 2005

Northern Michigan's Local Flava

Well, I've been in Michigan for a good while now. Session break today and tomorrow, thank golly goodness. I've met lots of people as overly-energetic as me, the counselors here are all really cool, although mostly band nerds. My kids first session were a handful, but quite endearing. Next session I have high school kids, I'm scared.

The little free time I have has constituted of practicing, driving to lake michigan to hang out on the beach, exploring quaint areas of northern Michigan, and lots of cigarettes.

Last night I went with another trombonist out to Lake Michigan to watch the sunset. They say the sunsets on the puddle are great, and I wanted to check it out over some Leinenkugels and hummus. The sun was on fire, the sky was purple, the water reflected the light like shiny glass.

I can't lie, I'm having a good time.

But I miss salsa dancing, indian food, and not having sand in my shoes all the time.

Readjusting to Cincinnati in September is going to be difficult and strange.