Friday, May 26, 2006

How to tell a trombonist's car.

"How can you tell a trombonist's car?"
"The pizza delivery sign on the roof."

werh werh...... you've heard it all before, ladies and gentleman. The funny thing is, i've actually had a steady stream of gigs lately. Not enough to say i'm living off it, but my gigs are separated by days, not weeks or months.

I went and waved my demo cd in the face of some bar and restaurant owners the past few days, and they actually bit!

A note about this whole new immigration policy thing. Latin Americans are good for the economy, they create work. Remember, they spend their money in America, generating revenue and jobs.

In fact, one of my best gigs lately has been for salsa bands, a huuuuuuge mixed crowd always shows up, I can guarantee there wouldn't be any salsa bands around if the Latin American community didn't show up in droves to listen and dance. I would be out of a gig.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

a conversation between my friend cam and me

spirasolaris111: his name starts with a k
spirasolaris111: and ends with a enny werner
saxmancam: hmmmm
saxmancam: keith jarretwerner?
spirasolaris111: LOL
spirasolaris111: ROFL
spirasolaris111: i don't know does keith jarret do schools ever?
saxmancam: no, but his doppleganger keith jarretwerner does
saxmancam: he wrote this weird book
saxmancam: called shmeffortless shmastery
spirasolaris111: dude i feel like i'm in a parallel universe right now