Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Some exciting news....

I have some exciting news.

If you live in cincy and talk to me on a regular basis, you probably already know about this because I'm completely stoked and can't stop talking about it.

A trombonist in Columbus, named Vaughan Wiester, who has had a very successful music career and has a big band in Columbus, got wind that I had written a few big band charts for school. So he asked me to bring them up one night for the band to play.

So I did, and he wanted a copy of one to put in his band's book.

In addition, he called his ol' buddy Bill Dobbins at Eastman School of Music to tell him about me.

He then called me and said "I recommended you to Bill Dobbins so you have to send him your portfolio now."

So I did.

And Bill Dobbins really liked it, and really wants me to come do my masters at Eastman to get my masters in Jazz Studies and Contemporary Media (writing).

Thirty grand for a masters at Eastman, plus I really wanted to take some time off after finishing this degree.

But the more I think about it, the more I think I should strike while the iron is hot and go for this.