Sunday, February 11, 2007

Write on, write on.

I'm sorry but where do certain unmentioned arranging and composition gurus in the united states get off telling me that I need to take more tunes out of the jazz repertory and arrange them for five horns or big band. What about the music inside of me? Sometimes I don't feel like reworking other people's stuff. Sometimes a great jazz tune is perfect as it is and doesn't need to be messed with.

And who did Schoenberg think he was, anyway? Where did he get off all "not believing in tonality" and shit? And who does Bartok think he is, writing all these hidden palendromes into his music that NO ONE WOULD EVER HEAR ANYWAY, WHICH IS STUPID BECAUSE MUSIC IS AN AURAL ART FORM, and atonal music is stupid because it sounds like crap. No one would ever ever ever, in a million years, come home from a long day at school or work, and feel truly enriched and moved by popping in a cd by Schoenberg or Messiaen or whoever.

What did these people tell their mothers and fathers who didn't go to music school for years and years? Wouldn't a composer like to use their music to enrich the lives of their families, their lovers, their children, their community, their nation? Why would people want to write music that isn't for everyone? I am so tired of the high art/low art divide. Music can be written that everyone can enjoy for different reasons.

Maybe someday I'll understand. If anyone has a good explanation, I have an open mind.


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